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Engage and build your audience through in-person events.

What are Hall Experiences?

Hall Experiences are events and activities created by passionate leaders and organizers. Experiences range from themed dinners and group meetings to run clubs and intimate concerts.

Share your passion and find your people.

Introduce your group to the topic or activities you’re most passionate about. You’ll get access to Hall community members, and might make a few new friends, or hear a different and interesting perspective.

Show up, build your community, and we'll do the rest.

We’ll handle the logistics so you can show up and be fully present with the people around you. From listing your event for you to providing meals, coffee, or displays, we've got you covered.

Intimate, multi-purpose space for all your needs.

Gather in a comfortable place allowing people to share freely and create true connections. Pick the space that works best for your group; all spaces are flexible for discussion, speaking, meditation, or movement.

Create an experience in minutes with no upfront costs.

Start hosting with the push of a button, no upfront costs, and the option to create a new revenue stream. You'll get paid out before your event even happens.

How to get started
Learn what makes a great Experience
Chat with a member of our team to get set up for success, and have the opportunity to be a featured host.
Design your Experience with our team
Work with our team to design your first experience. In minutes, you'll have an event page ready to share.
Host your first Experience at Hall
Bring your online community together in person. Gather your group and bring in new people who share your interest
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