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Join a community dedicated to living life to its fullest, with passionate leaders shaping the city over lively dinners and events.

Unique experiences, a thriving community, and a new home-base to discover the world.

Membership includes access to Hall and everything from nightly dinner to the books in our library. The space is alive with Experiences every day and you'll find members hanging out in every nook.

Included in Membership

Member-only Events
Monthly dinners and parties hosted just for members.
Access to Hall
Use of Hall to work, play, have a meeting, or kick back. Guests included.
After Work Drinks
Every Thursday, members gather for a drink to wind down the week.
Healthy Dinner (Monday-Thursday), Breakfast (Mondays), and lunch (Fridays). Sourced from local partners.
Coffee and Tea
Specialty pour-over coffee made by the cup plus cold brew and kombucha on tap.
Unlimited Experiences
Access to every Experience hosted at Hall. Special member pricing and early-bird tickets.
Space to be Productive
Comfy, cozy, productive, and inspiring spots to get down to business - WiFi and all.
Event Rentals
Rent Hall for a private party or event for a special member-rate.
Bring Guests
Share Hall and Experiences with friends whenever you want.



Unlimited Experiences
Nights and Weekends Access
$9 Meals
$20 Day Visits



Unlimited Experiences
Nights and Weekends Access
Free Meals
$20 Day Visits



Unlimited Experiences
All day, all night access
Free meals
Free Coffee and Tea


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